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Dog Training - Dog Training Masters Home Study Course Review Transforming Your Dog's Behavior Problems Fast.


By:Gerry Peterson

Author: Ray Coleiro

Rating 7 out of 10


The Dog Training Masters Home Study Course has been well put together and features a professional dog trainer being interviewed over several audio recordings plus some ebooks.

It is particularly good for those who like to listen to audio recordings as a way of learning and processing information.

For example, listening to the recordings in the car. There are also type transcriptions of all recordings.

It is suitable for both the prospective, new or experienced dog owners.


The package is made up of 5 downloadable mp3 audio recordings, a study manual, training guide, and plan of action ebook.

The cost is $67.77 and represents good value.

Some of the topics covered include;

Audio 1

This audio covers Dog Psychology

Audio 2

This audio covers Puppy Training, including housetraining techniques.

Audio 3

This audio covers Dog Obedience Training.

Audio 4

This audio covers management of behavior problems including jumping, pulling a leash, chewing and aggression.

Audio 5

Management of behavior problems – part 2

This audio covers digging, separation anxiety, housetraining puppies, excessive barking, pulling clothes off the line.

The typed ebooks are well put together and explanations are clear.


This product has a full 8 week refund guarantee. This means that if you purchase the product and are not 100% satisfied with it, you can return to the owner for a full refund and still get to keep the full package.


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Dog Training Masters Home Study package includes quite a collection of free bonuses, including a collection dog food recipes, some tricks to teach your dog, some dog grooming tips, tips on choosing pet insurance and a Vet, and an email consultation.

As per all my reviews, I make mention of the fact that the 'freebies' could really just classed as part of the package.


There could a bit be more elaboration on introducing a new dog into the family, especially when there are young children or other pets already in the family.

Whilst the materials are well laid out, the sheer volume of the materials may be a bit daunting to someone who was just after a basic dog training book.

Additionally, some knowledge of how to download an mp3 audio file is required in order to be able to burn the audios to a CD.

I suggest you find a young child in the family as they seem to be able to do this from about 8 years old!

The price of $67 whilst being quite reasonable for the amount of materials, will not suit all budgets.

As I have said in other reviews, free bonuses could be just called part of the package, but that’s just a small thing.


7 out of 10.


Dog Training Masters Home Study Course is a well put together program and for those looking for a thorough complete dog training 'audio' program, look no further.

Whilst being a bit dearer than other programs reviewed, the information is impressive, well laid out and of a good quality.

For more information about this product, please visit the Dog Training Masters Home Study Course website by clicking below.

Best regards,

Gerry Peterson
Dedicated to helping you have a happy & well trained dog.