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Dog Training - DIY Dog Training - Dog Training Home Course eBooks and audio package review.


By: Gerry Peterson on 29 January 2008.

Author: Sharda Baker

Rating 8.5 out of 10


DIY Dog Training is a surprisingly well put together 'home based' dog training package. Here is a snapshot of part of the website.

The training techniques for management of dog behavior problems are particularly well done as are the other comprehensive sections of the package.

It is suitable for both the prospective, new or experienced dog owners.


The package is made up of 2 ebooks, 4 ebooklets and 2 audios.

The cost is $37.77 and represents very good value.

Some of the extensive topics covered include;

  • All about Dog Psychology
  • Puppy Development Stages & Socialization
  • Choosing a Dog
  • Where to Buy Your Puppy
  • Bringing Your New Dog Home
  • All About A Dog’s Temperament
  • Summary of Best Training Methods
  • 'Basic' Obedience Training
  • 'Advanced' Obedience Training
  • Crate Training
  • Housetraining
  • Management of All the Common 'Behavioral' Problems (this section covers virtually any dog behavior problem you may come across).
  • Training Classes
  • Private Trainer
  • Training Camp
  • Clicker Training

The book is written in a colorful and easy to understand manner.

Training techniques are modern and explanations are excellent.

There is a large list of testimonials on the website with pictures of the owners and their dogs.

Whilst the testimonials are not able to be used as a measure of the packages quality, it does provide some indication of the packages popularity.


The 2 audios are quite unique in their content and I have not seen any like this before.

Audio 1 is an interview with A Vet and answers many common dog 'health' questions.

Audio 2 is an interview with a professional dog trainer and is full of dog training tips from someone who obviously knows their profession very well.

The audios alone are probably worth the cost of the package.

There is also a Free Dog Training e-course offered on the website.

Tip. This can be a great way for those are unsure about buying, to test out the quality of information the DIY Dog Training owner produces. DIY Dog Training site


This product has a full 56 day refund guarantee so if you purchase the product and are not %100 satisfied with it, you can return to the owner for a full refund.


This product accepts payment via clickbank.

Clickbank are one the worlds biggest and arguable the safest on-line banking system for processing of all major credit cards, online checks or paypal payments.

A third party independent, safe and secure payment processor, such as clickbank is highly recommended by us.

Tip. Never send you credit card details to anyone in an email.

Use a payment processor such as clickbank.


The DIY Dog Training package includes some well put together bonuses.

  • Free email consultation;

  • After purchasing this product, I sent in my email for my free dog training consultation. My email was answered within 24 hrs and the consultation was of a high standard and addressed the questions I had asked, in detail.
  • The two audios have been mentioned above

  • The 4 ebooklets (mini ebooks) cover the following topics in detail;
    • 1. House Training
    • 2. Managing Nuisance Barking
    • 3. Introduction To Clicker Training
    • 4. How To Become Your Dog's Pack Leader


There could be a little more detailed information on 'car chasing'.

Additionally the section on poop eating was a little brief (the owner's have assured me that this section has now been expanded).

As I have said in other reviews, free bonuses could be just called part of the package, but that’s just a small thing.


8.5 out of 10.

We would recommend this product.


DIY Dog Training is a well put together and easy to follow downloadable dog training package.

It is suited to both the new dog owner or the more experienced dog owner who already has a basic understanding of dog training.

It will also be helpful for anybody in the process of choosing or caring for a new dog.

For more information about this product, please visit the DIY Dog Training website

Best regards,

Gerry Peterson
Dedicated to helping you have a happy & well trained dog.