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From Gerry Peterson

Friday 22 February 2008

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Being an avid dog lover and owner for many years, you could say I have learned the 'hard way' about the importance of proper dog training.

The joy of bringing a new puppy or dog into your household can be insurmountable. After all, there is no relationship quite like the one that is developed between you and your dog.

Wouldn't you agree?

Before I continue, why not visit the dog training product reviews section of this website and find out whats good AND what's bad about these products, as well as finding out what they contain, and even if they actually work.  Click the link below to find out more.

Our Dog Training Product Reviews.

Where was I? Yes that's right I was talking about the joy of bringing a new puppy or dog into your household.

A dog can provide unconditional love, hours of entertainment, and genuine friendship.


On the other hand…

A dog can also provide unconditional messes, hours of destruction, troublesome barking and be a genuine nuisance!

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Back to the story.....

This may be something you or a friend has been through. I know I went through this many years ago.

How do you ensure that your dog behaves in the manner of the first scenario described above?

Well, if you are thinking that the answer is “breed” you are partially correct.

Indeed, breed does play a role in a dog’s behavior.

But, an even greater factor in the dog’s behavior is based on the training he/she receives.

A dog’s personality is largely contributed to what he experienced in his early puppy days. If he was mistreated by his owner, he will probably grow up to be shy, fearful, or aggressive towards people.

If he is happy, energetic, and curious, he was probably handled with care during his early life.

The level of training that your dog has received will be partly determined by his age.

Maybe you are receiving a brand new puppy that is under two months old. Maybe you are adopting a dog from an animal shelter and you are not exactly sure how old he is. Or, perhaps your dog is a couple of years old and he has already had basic training, and now you want to teach him some advanced training techniques.

No matter what level of training your dog needs—from the brand new puppy to the wise old dog—you need to consider some basic training techniques.

This is undoubtedly the best way to ensure that you will have a healthy, happy, trusting relationship.

This relationship could last well over a decade, so the better prepared you are with training, the better your relationship will be.

Worth its weight in gold.

A good dog training resource that provides you with many of these essential training techniques will be worth its weight in gold.

Part of our aim for this web site is to help you find the best dog training resources available, rather than spending a small fortune on professional trainers.

See our 'best dog training resources' link for our professional reviews.

Our Review Methods.

Our professional dog training product reviews are carried out personally by myself and my team, which includes a professional dog training expert.

We purchase the products, review the contents and compare them to other products in the market place.

In particular we look for the following;

  • Information relevance and depth of research

  • Quality of the dog training information

  • Ease of use

  • Value for money

  • Bonus materials provided

  • Payment security

  • Customer support

  • Guarantee

  • Refund / return policy

Our professional dog trainer then reviews the products and in particular looks for;

  • Appropriateness of training methods for various dog breeds

  • Effectiveness and ease of learning teaching techniques

  • Effectiveness in behavior management for all the common dog behavior problems

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Please enjoy the free resources we have prepared for you and do look at our detailed reviews of dog training information products.

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